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Church services in the new Bas Pinal Adventist church and the after church potluck.

Church Bible study and childrens meal.

Medical clinic in the new vocational school building.

One of the health education classes with attendees receiving their menstral kits.

New construction at the vocational school with a gutter system to collect rain water, a 10 foot in-ground water storage cistern, and another almost finished toilet.

 If you would like to come with us on a mission trip:


Contact us at:  Coopring05@aol.com or haitihelpers@haitihelpers.org.


Call us at: 678-986-6287


Mission Trip News


We will be going to the Ranquitte/Bas Pinal area on Jan. 17, 2018. At that time, we are going to be opening the Ivy Salomon Vocational School. We will also be doing evangelism at the new church in Bas Pinal and introducing the solar Bibles (Messengers) study program to 5 churches in the area. And, we are hoping to establish a community market in 
Bas Pinal on Mondays of each week. The people living there were very excited about this. Lots of things happening in Jan!


At the end of this trip Michael and Brenda will be going to Les Cayes to do follow -up on the building of a new church there, and on the post Hurricane Matthew relief.