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 We have been talking with all the people in Bas Pinal involved with the broom making business and asking how things are going since we set up their micro-loan program. We also asked if the horses we got them are helping with the transportation of the plant materials and  with getting the finished brooms to market. We found out that the micro-loan was working well, but it was only paying for a truck to go to the town of Thomassique once every two months to get the lantanier (palm plant material) used to make the brooms. So some people were still having to make the long 12 hour walk to get the lantanier there in Thomassique. The horses are working out well and have been going to market with the finished brooms, carrying much more than the women can carry on their heads.This year we are going to set up more micro-loans so the truck can go more often, benefiting close to 100 families. And, we are more committed than ever to helping the village get their broom business, which they have had for over 100 years, to the next entirely            self-sustaining level.

   Another thing we will continue with in 2020 is, as we are sent more lantanier seed from the botanical center in Miami,  we will be planting more lantanier when the rains come again. Some of the mature plants we have grown from seed that we recieved in the past have already been transplanted out in the Bas pinal area. And there is now a new batch of growing plants that we have there which are almost ready to put in the ground. Once we get many more of the lantanier plants established in Bas Pinal, there will be no more need for the people there to make those 12 hour trips to get and transport the needed materials to make their brooms. God is good.