Our Ministries

Mobile Medical Clinics and Health Education Programs

We are doing mobile medical health fairs taking doctors, nurses, paramedics, RT's and any one who wants to help with the clinics. We take all of our own medicines and supplies. We also do health talks at our evening meetings.

Evangelism Programs

We have evening Bible based evangelism programs in area churches and outside in town parks.

Church Bible Study Programs

We bring French & Creole Bibles and conduct Bible studies in both languages.These programs are designed to teach members in each church how to conduct Bible studies, who then can teach Bible studies with others their communities.We also provide the solar Messenger audio Bibles that benefit the many people there who cannot read.


Vacation Bible Schools

Gardening Programs

We take seed for as many families as we can. These are all donated. Hope Seed has been a huge help to us! We also have gardening seminars which help people learn how to save seed, make compost, and use fertilizer to increase production. And, we bring garden tools and gloves. 

 If you would like to come with us on a mission trip:


Contact us at:  Coopring05@aol.com or haitihelpers@haitihelpers.org.


Call us at: 678-986-6287


Mission Trip News


We will be going to the Ranquitte/Bas Pinal area on Jan. 17, 2018. At that time, we are going to be opening the Ivy Salomon Vocational School. We will also be doing evangelism at the new church in Bas Pinal and introducing the solar Bibles (Messengers) study program to 5 churches in the area. And, we are hoping to establish a community market in 
Bas Pinal on Mondays of each week. The people living there were very excited about this. Lots of things happening in Jan!


At the end of this trip Michael and Brenda will be going to Les Cayes to do follow -up on the building of a new church there, and on the post Hurricane Matthew relief.