Our Ministries

Evangelism and Health Programs                             Field School of Evangelism

We have evening Bible based evangelism and health programs in area churches and outside in town parks.

Church Bible Study Programs

We bring French & Creole Bibles and conduct Bible studies in both languages.These programs are designed to teach members in each church how to conduct Bible studies, who then can teach Bible studies with others their communities.We also provide the solar Messenger audio Bibles that benefit the many people there who cannot read.


Vocational School and Sewing Program

Vacation Bible Schools

Gardening Programs

We take seed for as many families as we can. These are all donated. Hope Seed has been a huge help to us! We also have gardening seminars which help people learn how to save seed, make compost, and use fertilizer to increase production. And, we bring garden tools and gloves. 

 If you would like to come with us on a mission trip:


Contact us at:  Coopring05@aol.com or haitihelpers@haitihelpers.org.


Call us at: 678-986-6287


Mission Trip News


We are going to Bas Pinal January 9-16. We were there last May and are working with the village on their broom making business. We found out that they have been doing this for 100 years. They just need help taking it to the next level.They are having to walk 12 hours to get the plant material to make their brooms and after making them they have to carry the brooms on their head to market.

After we met with about 55 of the people from this village we had them form a 5 person committee to manage the business. 

We have now bought them 6 horses to help with the transportation of plant material and getting the brooms to market. We have gotten seed from the area where they harvest the plant material and seed from Montgomery Botanical Gardens in Miami. We have planted them on our campus in Bas Pinal. They are supposed to take 3-4 months to germinate but ours germinated in 7 weeks! Praise God! The plants are now ready to be transplanted. We have been sent more seed from the center in Miami and we will be planting these when we go back in January.

Our needs are for a used Daihatsu truck to help them get more plant material than what they can carry on their heads and it would also get more brooms to market. We need funding for micro-loans so the people can get a start to be able to buy more plant material. Right now some of the ladies tell me they have to sell a chicken to have money to buy the material. I cannot imagine walking 12 hours one way just to get enough material that I can carry on my head! We have given a small micro loan to the older women who cannot walk anymore but can still make brooms.It pays for public transportation to bring them the material and then they can make the brooms at home. 

Any help with this project would be most appreciated!

We also have started a sewing school with 30 people taking lessons. We have 7 machines, some are treadle and some electric. We have a generator that runs the electric machines. Once the people learn how they can come to the school and sew on their own. We are so happy about this school!