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Mission Trip News


We will be going back to Hait on March 7-21. We were just there for 3 weeks in Jan and had a great trip. We found out on that trip there is a small, limited industry already established in Bas Pinal. It is a broom industry that has been going on for over 70 years. It just needs a boost to get it to the next level. The orphange is closed and the families of all the children that were in it are all involved in broom making. We met with 30 people from this village and found out how we can help them grow their business, increase their income,   And we are going to initiate help them on this trip. There are three things we are going to do:

1. Purchase more donkeys and horses so they don't have to carry the finished brooms on their heads to market.

2. Purchase seed so they can grow the plants used for broom making locally and not have to walk 10 hours or take a 3 day round-trip to get their plant material as they do now.

3. Purchase a Diahatsu truck to help them carry more plant material home for making the brooms while we are waiting for the local plants to grow. 

Also on this next trip we are going to be opening a field school of evangelism. We will meet with some of the leaders of several area churches and teach them how to do Bible studies, DVD presentations, and health talks.

A future project will be building chicken coops for egg production. These coops will be started as micro loans and will be "franchised" out to the families that are not in the broom business but still need a hand up.